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Rain, rain, go away…

Its raining in McCall. Although, we couldn’t be more grateful for the Worldmark comfort to stay out of the rain, we are a little bored.

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I might have titled this post TGIF, but as time flies by, I’m not exactly grateful Friday is already here.
Today’s destination was Brundage Mountain ski resort.  It was closed, and they haven’t yet opened the lifts for scenic summer rides. As an alternative, we drove up the mountain to see how far we could get. It wasn’t far, so we stopped to throw a few snowballs, and moved on.
Wouldn’t you think a place called Bear Basin would be a mecca for wildlife? Or at least a bear? Its really a forest service road that is nt advisable for driving a rental car. You might want to note that.

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Day trip to Boise

Today was a spontaneous day trip. We first went to Donnelly and Lake Cascade. It was so cold, we weren’t eager to even get out of the car. As we drove around the lake, we saw a silver fox. I will post a photo later. There was also four pelicans flying playing follow-the-leader. Not sure where they came from, but they were headed west. It seemed like a good sign.
If you ever get chance to see the historic town of Roseberry, go ahead, it takes minutes to see both buildings.
We then drove south to Boise, so Doug could actually see the city. When we return there on Sunday he will be flying out, so no time for sightseeing. We took him to Cracker Barrel and Cabelas, and called it a Father’s Day celebration.
It was declared a fun day, so what more could I hope for?
More to tell you tomorrow, so see you then.
Thanks for reading!

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A lazy day

Today we truly vacationed. Slept late, brunch out, groceries purchased, park visited, cards played.
We drove through Ponderosa State Park. Photos will be uploaded tomorrow, since the lazy day didn’t provide time today.
I (hopefully) have added a picture of the magnificent full moon streaming in our living room window. I know it doesn’t qualify me for a photography award, but I like it.


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2011 Adventure begins

Well, it’s time to wake my inner blogger. Today began our new vacation adventure.
Doug, Sam and I left early this morning, and drove from Salem to McCall, Idaho. I came to McCall about 8 years ago on a missions trip. It is so beautiful. It’s exciting to revisit it as a tourist.
Due to the long drive, we did nothing more than go into town for dinner, watch TV and turn in early.
Tomorrow’s plan includes breakfast, grocery shopping and Ponderosa State Park. Yep, those are the riveting details that will keep you coming back for more, huh? I really hope you’ll follow along with us as we enjoy Idaho.
Remember, soccer fans, we will be in Boise next week for regional soccer action.
But first, we relax!

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Day 15

Hard to believe, but this adventure is coming to an end. Tonight we are in Boise, ID, and tomorrow we head to Salem. We left Torrey, Ut at 9:00 this morning and drove straight through to Boise. Fortunately, we are staying at a very nice hotel, with super comfortable beds, to get a good night’s sleep before the home stretch. If you ask Sam what the best part of today was, he’d tell you he got to go to Cabela’s here in Boise. Tomorrow, his favorite thing will be getting home. There will be more photos to enjoy when I get home and have some time to edit. Can’t wait!!

And for those wondering about the outcome of the license plate game, we have all but Delaware, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

Did you miss us yesterday?

As we were heading into Wednesday evening, we suddenly saw a HUGE flash of light and an ear-splitting explosion. Lightning and thunder hit directly over us at the RV Park. What a horrible shock – we thought a propane tank exploded at first. Then, when our heartbeats returned to normal and no one had been hurt, we enjoyed the rest of the magnificent light show God provided for us.

Earlier that day, we had explored Capital Reef  National Park near us in Torrey. We particularly enjoyed the petroglyphs, pioneer register, and uranium mine. We did not actually go into the mine due to the radiation, of course.

The pioneer register was a collection of signatures on a rock wall deep in a gorge that the pioneers from that area carved to leave their legacy. Sadly, graffiti has been added, so its preservation is somewhat threatened over the long-term.

Today, Thursday, we drove southwest to Bryce Canyon National Park. What a beautiful sight! It was a long drive, but we would have hated to miss it. Photos will have to come later.

Tonight we are packing up to head out early tomorrow for Boise, ID. On the way, we plan to see the Great Salt Lake and various sights in Salt Lake City. That means, for those of you keeping track, we plan to be home Saturday.

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Utah

We rolled into Torrey, Utah at midnight last night, therefore, no blog until now. I’ll recap yesterday for you….

We left Cortez, Colorado and drove northwest to Moab, Utah. On the way, we visited Hole N the Rock, a kitschy tourist stop with a 5,000 square foot house built into the rock. Kinda weird, really. We proceeded to Arches National Park, and spent about 7 hours gawking and hiking and climbing. Pictures seem to pale in comparison to the real deal, but here is few to enjoy.


Ken and Angela Willhite welcomed us warmly at the RV Park in Torrey at midnight, so we didn’t really get to spend time with them until today. The day was really all about downtime. Laying by the pool, watching TV, burgers and dogs on the grill, and smores by the fire. Ahhh, it’s called relaxing, and I highly recommend it.

Until tomorrow….Goodnight to all our friends and family! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Elevation: 7000 feet….

Or, Too High for Valley Dwellers to Breathe Comfortably.

Updating tonight from Cortez, Colorado. Albuquerque bid us farewell this morning, and our travels turned north on highway 550 to the beautiful state of Colorado. Well, I assume it’s all as lovely as the southwest corner. Our destination for the day was Mesa Verde National Park. This is up at 7000 feet, so breathing is a bit of an adventure for us sea-level dwellers. Speaking of dwellers… in Mesa Verde the park service and their archaeologists have preserved 13th century cliff dwellings of the Puebloan tribes of the southwest. It is so fascinating to walk among the ruins of this particular community and culture. We had a terrific tour guide, Kim, who was very informative and friendly. Enjoy a few photos, and join us tomorrow as we venture into Utah.

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