These Are My People

We are packed and ready for some serious road trippin’. My car is small and, it so happens, our cargo load is large. You do the math.

I mentioned that I would introduce you to the members of the traveling road show. Or, the road traveling show, or…you get what I mean.

ME: My name is Michele. Enough about me.

SAM: Sam is my 13-year-old son. The youngest in our family, and, so far,  has logged the maximum vacation travel time compared to his brother and sister. This trip will put him way over the top. He loves video games, runs track, has great friends. He will be starting the 8th grade in the fall.

TRICIA: Soccer mom extraordinaire! Terrific friend, too. So terrific, she’s sharing her vacation with us. We’ve been friends since our boys, Sam and Nic were a year old. Seems like a lot longer – in the good way, of course!

JORDAN: Tricia’s 15-year-old son. He will playing the soccer tournament next week. His team are 3-time State Champs, and this is his 3rd regional championship as a result. Big news- he will (probably) be sharing the driving with his mom on this trip. Woohoo!

NIC: Tricia’s 13-year-old son. He will also be playing in the soccer tournament. His team is also 3-time State Champs, and this their 2nd regional championship. He is a fabulous goalkeeper.  

JACOB:  The almost-7-year-old! Everyone should travel with one, right? He’s darn cute, and incredibly smart. He also plays soccer, but not quite at the competitive level. Although, I have no doubt that he could qualify!

Well, that should let you know who we are. We head out at 6 AM tomorrow. Hopefully, we will have an update from the exciting I-5 corridor some where in California. Please pray for a safe journey!



  1. Teri said,

    June 16, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    I guess you better hit the hay then, girl, for such an early wake-up call! I will be praying for you guys — safe travels, friendly skies, good food and killer soccer games!

  2. Leah said,

    June 16, 2010 at 6:44 AM

    Have a wonderful time Michele (and traveling entourage!)…. take lots of pics and provide cyber updates 🙂


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