Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

Well, Sam and I do. It’s north of Albuquerque, in case you’re curious. We went to the downtown plaza to see the shops, architecture, museums, and were greeted by an interesting mix of high-end art and tacky tourist shops and much in between. There were local native artisans selling their jewelry on the sidewalk and a couple “shops” in alleys. It reminded me of learning to barter in Mexico. What fun to try to get a deal, even though I left with nothing new.

Yesterday we went to have lunch in Old Town Albuquerque. It’s a great deal like Santa Fe. Something I noticed is that the landscape and the paint schemes on the majority of the buildings match. This is a beautiful place, and very monochromatic. And I don’t even need to mention the heat again, right?

Update on the license plate game:  Nine more to go!

Update on the soccer tournament:

Atlas, Jordan’s team, played a wonderful game. They won 4-3, and it was a fantastic effort by the whole team. Of course, an amazing save on a penalty kick and a save on the rebound by Jordan, had us all screaming and jumping for joy. The rest of the team came through with awesome goals. Unfortunately, they will not advance from here, but what a great win anyway! Boca Juniors, Nic’s team, also won (4-1), and have scored enough points to move on to the quarterfinals on Friday. It was a day of fantastic soccer action.

Tomorrow is a day off from soccer, so we will see what fun and entertainment we will scare up!


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