Phase 2 begins

It was a sad day for the soccer players and fans. They lost 7-0 to the team from SoCal. They played hard, and (bias alert!) the goalie – Nic – was fantastic. I’m inserting a pic of just one of the amazing saves of the day.

Following the game, we went swimming and the boys watched the World Cup game. Because there’s never enough soccer! USA lost also, so on to swimming. As a repeat of the day before, we were chased out of the pool by a lightning storm. We played as long as possible, but the daunting task of repacking everything had to be dealt with. Sigh.

But first, Dinner! Sam and I drove around trying to find something that sounded good.  We headed for a local burger chain, but there in the parking lot was Rudy’s BBQ. ( Wow, what a meal! Ribs, pulled pork, coleslaw, corn-on-the-cob, pecan pie, and homemade chocolate pudding for dessert. The restaurant is actually a meat market that sells cooked food. You go through a line cafeteria style and order your meat by the pound. They even provide bread for sandwiches, but you make them yourself.

Well, it’s time to pack up the laptop and get organized to get everything to fit back in the car. No small feat, I tell ya!  We haven’t finalized our travel plan, so I’ll let you know that we are headed to Torrey, Utah, to stay with Tricia’s parents, and see some sites/sights (English majors – help me out here.) I’ll get back to you about what we see and do along the way. Get ready, Ken and Angela…we’re on our way….almost.


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  1. Clara said,

    June 26, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    I have felt like I was on this trip too. The boys done great and you guys have seen alot, nice pictures. We’ve got pictures of the grand canyon that we took four years ago but it looks the same. Be safe!!

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