Did you miss us yesterday?

As we were heading into Wednesday evening, we suddenly saw a HUGE flash of light and an ear-splitting explosion. Lightning and thunder hit directly over us at the RV Park. What a horrible shock – we thought a propane tank exploded at first. Then, when our heartbeats returned to normal and no one had been hurt, we enjoyed the rest of the magnificent light show God provided for us.

Earlier that day, we had explored Capital Reef  National Park near us in Torrey. We particularly enjoyed the petroglyphs, pioneer register, and uranium mine. We did not actually go into the mine due to the radiation, of course.

The pioneer register was a collection of signatures on a rock wall deep in a gorge that the pioneers from that area carved to leave their legacy. Sadly, graffiti has been added, so its preservation is somewhat threatened over the long-term.

Today, Thursday, we drove southwest to Bryce Canyon National Park. What a beautiful sight! It was a long drive, but we would have hated to miss it. Photos will have to come later.

Tonight we are packing up to head out early tomorrow for Boise, ID. On the way, we plan to see the Great Salt Lake and various sights in Salt Lake City. That means, for those of you keeping track, we plan to be home Saturday.


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